For the children of ukraine


We collaborate with the NGO Educo and SOS Children's Villages of Spain which provides solidarity aid by distributing food, providing education and psychosocial support for children in Ukraine.

While we face the humanitarian crisis caused by Russia's war against Ukraine, millions of children and families continue to suffer unjustly from violence. But together we are succeeding in improving their living conditions.

Educo is a unique, fresh and innovative NGO. Above all, it is committed to its mission and fundamental goals. Educo promotes and supports a culture of continuous learning and accountability. Educo works for childrens and their education.

SOS Children's Villages launched an Emergency Response Program in Ukraine to prevent family separation during displacement and provide shelter, food, hygiene products, and psychological support to families and children in need. The organization has been working in Ukraine since 2003. They’ve been doing this for almost 20 years in the country which has allowed them to act with agility and flexibility, always ensuring the protection of children and the union of families.

Global Cargo System, contacted both organizations offices in Valencia to see how we could collaborate and help. After considering some options, we decided that the best way to help both organizations would be to make a donation, which would help cover the basic needs of food, hygiene, and health of a child in vulnerable situations.