How to import robot vacuum cleaners from china to spain


How we clean in homes and businesses has changed in recent years. The central areas of many towns have given way to robot vacuum cleaners to clean without the need for a human being to do the job.

Robot vacuum cleaners have acquired great relevance; Spanish homes and companies already meet the social demand for this gadget. Robot vacuum cleaners are one of the cleaning elements that have been incredibly accepted in homes worldwide. Most of them are manufactured entirely or in parts on the Asian continent. American and European countries import them from Asia and adapt them to the local market, complying with current regulations so that they can be used in family homes.

We will help you import from China

To carry out the import, it is advisable to use a logistics operator who knows all the procedures and helps us to transport these robots from China to our country. Global Cargo System is a company that, due to its extensive experience in the logistics and transport sector, is specialized, among other things, in importing from China to American and European nations.

The requirements needed to import China are:

  • Commercial invoices must include the importers, suppliers, details about the devices and their components, and Incoterms.
  • Packing list, with data on the weight, size, and the number of products to be transported in the commercial shipment.
  • Bill of lading, the necessary document to be provided by the company importing the vacuum cleaners
  • Certificate of origin, which certifies the origin of the imported products.

Once we have these requirements, we would deliver the documents to the destination customs in Spain or other countries, which will help the smooth transit flow. The effectiveness and the excellent work in the whole process of transport guarantee that the times in the shipment and reception are reduced.

At Global Cargo System, we will help you in all the steps of the logistic chain. During the process, you will be able to know with total transparency in which place and state your merchandise is with our service “One desk”. Contact us, and we will help you with every step to make the transportation of your business a success.