From Global Cargo System S.A. we are always looking for a 360º service that allows us to offer our customers the best of us to achieve a quality service.

For this, for 15 years, we have been working with Global Cargo Trucking SL. Trucking company that allows us to cover the service of collection and delivery of containers from the different points in which we operate. Trucking has its own fleet of vehicles that this time we have expanded and renewed up to 16 trucks to offer the best needs of our customers and a better service. In addition, we have 13 20' platforms, 8 extendable and 4 reefers that allow us to work covering all the existing demands.

On the other hand, finally we can happily communicate that we have our own SOC (Shipper Owned Container). Shipper Owned Containers, these containers do not need to be returned to the shipping line.

New Containers

Some of the benefits that we can find is that it increases availability for customers, for example, if a shipping line does not have enough containers, they would have to wait for them to empty to continue operating or look for another shipping line that would be available to transport the goods. On the other hand, they are multimodal - meaning that these containers can be loaded on any shipping line, different ships and are much more flexible when it comes to loading.

  • The days of stay of the units at origin are much longer than those offered by the shipping lines.
  • The use and filling of your cargo is not limited to days but to the availability of your cargo
  • The days of use at destination are much longer than those offered by the shipping lines, thus avoiding the cost of demurrage.

We hope to continue working and improving to continue offering a complete and quality service to our customers. If you want more information about our services, we can advise you which of these services best fits your business needs. Contact us and we will help you with the export or import of products.