United Win logistics Annual Dinner


Our colleagues from UNITED WIN LOGISTICS CHINA (UWL) celebrated their annual company party on January 13, which this year was held in the city of Xiamen. The entire team of the 10 United Win Logistics offices had the opportunity to share a dinner with which they bid a great 2016, and welcomed a new year full of opportunities. The dinner ended with a show in which everyone participated with enthusiasm, and which provided very pleasant and relaxed moments. In the central part of the photo, in the first row, appears Kimi Xiang (Owner / Manager of UWL CHINA) and sitting next to him, Pablo Baulies (Owner / Manager GCS Spain). Together they have formed a team that will give a lot to talk about, in China, Turkey and Spain, where we all feel at home, motivated and eager to grow together. United Win Logistics, which this year celebrates 13 years, specializes in maritime and air transport and offers the service of customs clearance, storage, documentation and insurance of the merchandise. Our staff is committed to efficiency, cost control and logistics excellence, to become the customer's first choice. "Honesty, customer service, teamwork and innovation" is the motto of United Win Logistics. We want to take this post to congratulate the year to all our colleagues of United Win Logistics. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 to all of our Chinese colleagues!! Enjoy!