La semana pasada celebramos nuestro décimo noveno aniversario


Last week, we celebrated the nineteenth anniversary of Global Cargo System S.A.. The company thus closed its cycle as a reference among freight forwarding companies.

The company has continued to grow and strengthen its position in an increasingly consolidated and competitive sector in the last year. Global Cargo System has been offering transportation solutions to the global market for almost two decades.

We have the knowledge and experience to optimize your transport processes to the maximum. In Spain, we have five offices (Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Murcia, and Zaragoza), allowing us to offer a broader and closer service throughout the Spanish territory. Moreover, it has grown nationally, and the effort made has allowed them to continue crossing borders and reach countries such as China.

That is how Global Cargo System gradually creates a consolidated network of offices worldwide. It has a presence in China, Portugal, Mexico, and Spain. This past year we have made outstanding achievements. We are pioneers in having a direct rail service from China to Barcelona/Valencia. And there is more... We have also pioneered a direct sea charter service from China to Alicante. This has been just this last year, among many other achievements, so imagine all we have achieved in the last 18 years.

We are proud to have been a reference in transporting goods for almost twenty years. Global Cargo System wishes to continue to grow for more years to be able to offer a better service to all the customers who trust in them and who accompany them daily to continue working with the same passion and dedication that they have done so far.

If you want more information about our services, we can advise you which of these best fits the needs of your business. Contact us, and we will help you export or import products.