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At Global Cargo System we are a comprehensive import and export logistics service. As professionals in maritime freight transport, we know the most important seaports in the country. In this article, we will tell you about the main ports in Spain and their main characteristics.

Spain is an efficient and expansive maritime trade, it has a reputation that has brought prosperity to the country. With excellent infrastructures and consistent growth in technology, equipment and experience, Spanish ports will continue to be key in the commercial, cooperative and economic development of the country. One of the main characteristics that we can highlight is that the country’s ports have a strategic position for many of them, this position is very useful in the case of transshipments and for this reason we are at the top of the European and world ranking.

The top most important seaports in Spain:

  • Port of Valencia. First of all we have the port of Valencia. It is the most prominent port in the Mediterranean and is in fifth place in Europe. It was inaugurated in 1941 and turns out to be an excellent starting point for a multitude of industry ships, containers, as well as ships from other sectors such as tourist cruises.
  • Port of Algeciras. It is one of the largest ports in Spain. This is in sixth place in Europe, one of the highlights of it is the incredible security measures of the Algeciras Bay Port Authority. This feature positions it among the best ports in Europe in terms of security.
  • Port of Barcelona. It is a port divided into four sections with different functions, these four are the commercial port, the old port and the logistics port, and the free trade zone. The port of Barcelona is in seventh place in the Mediterranean, it is distinguished by its great management of equipment and containers. As for commercial activities, its proximity to France makes the port of Barcelona a good gateway to international trade.
  • Port of Bilbao. The port of Bilbao has evolved to become one of the main commercial routes of the European Atlantic Ocean. Today, it is the main port in terms of trade with the United Kingdom. The port has built its infrastructure in dry ports and other logistics zones. It is associated with the commercialization of steel and iron of the time. We can highlight that the population of the area depends to a large extent on the port in terms of jobs in transport, tourism, engineering and ship repairs, among others.

If you want to know more information about the sector, do not hesitate to consult our news page, where we will inform you about the latest news.

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