Golden week and its effects on shipping


Golden Week, one of the main commemorations of the Asian giant that has major effects on logistics companies.


On October 1, the festive week known as Golden Week begins in China and therefore many companies close throughout the country during that week (October 1-7) to celebrate the People’s Republic of China. These are days that many families take advantage of to rest and meet with their loved ones.

The term “Golden Week” is used in China to refer to the main holiday periods celebrated in the country, as well as the Lunar New Year, which last between 7 and 8 days in which factories, shops and production in general they close and only the minimum service of essential companies is guaranteed.


China’s influence in the international market is so great that although the shutdown of production across the country is well known and anticipated, it has the potential to cause major problems in the global logistics chain.

One of the consequences of the Golden Week in maritime transport is the lack of space and delays, together with the cancellation of services by shipping companies during the festivities, which causes a shortage of space in containers and triggers overbooking in ports and terminals that can take several weeks. At Global Cargo System we have SOC (shipper owned container) which can be a benefit for our customers.

On the other hand, with all this, it is not difficult to imagine that another consequence of Golden Week is the increase in the price of containers. The effects that all this can have on the logistics sector can be caused by the consequences mentioned above but also by the repercussions of the COVID pandemic and the measures to be carried out.


The effects that this holiday has on the logistics sector and the entire world are inevitable, but at GCS we can help you plan to prepare your shipments so that their effects on your business are as mild as possible.

Good planning begins by knowing which merchandise is most urgent and prioritizing its shipment as well as looking for alternative routes. United Win offices in China will be closed from October 1 to 7. In our commitment to provide coverage throughout the world, Global Cargo System is present in China through United Win, which, with ten offices in the country, is in charge of planning all operations. In addition, United Win maintains a close relationship with shipping companies, in this way during the Golden Week festivities if something happens, we will continue together with our clients offering the best service. In addition, through our “One Desk” service, customers will be able to track loads.

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